Complaints Regulations

As referred to in Article 14, second paragraph, under h of the Working Conditions Act. tries to support the companies affiliated with and its employees, and wants to make sure that the service is always optimal. However, you may not always be satisfied with the service provided. Through this Complaints Regulations, we want to inform you about your rights when you have a Complaint. 

1.         Eligibility
1.1 On the basis of the Working Conditions Act, this Complaints Regulations will be made known to the Employee by publication on the website www. and by submitting the Complaints Regulations to the Employer of the Employee.

2.         Definitions
2.1 In this Complaints Regulations, Complaint means: a written expression of dissatisfaction to about the services provided by a company doctor from
2.2. In this Complaints Regulation, the Complainant means: the employee who submits a Complaint about the services provided by

3.         The case of a Complaint
3.1 The submission of a written Complaint must be motivated.
3.2  A Complaint must be communicated to within a reasonable period of time by sending an e-mail to
3.3  The Complaint must contain:
- The name and address of the complainant;
 - The Complaint;
 - The description of the circumstances to which the Complaint relates.

4.         Acknowledgment of receipt, investigation and assessment
4.1 After submitting a Complaint, in the manner as mentioned under Article 3, the complainant will receive a confirmation of receipt within one working day.
4.2 After receiving the Complaint, starts a careful investigation into the circumstances and grounds of the Complaint. This investigation is carried out by persons who are not directly involved in the Complaint. All parties involved in the Complaint will be heard.  
4.3 After hearing all the parties involved, will assess the merits of the Complaint, after which the necessary steps will be taken to properly deal with the Complaint.

5.         Procedure for filing a Complaint
5.1 The Complainant, and if necessary the Complainant's employer, will be sent written information concerning the Complaint procedure within two weeks of the submission of the Complaint.
5.2 will take a reasoned decision regarding the Complaint within four weeks of the Complaint. The Complainant, and if necessary the Complainant's employer, will be informed in writing about the decision taken within four weeks of the submission of the Complaint. The Complainant's employer will not be informed of the Complaint without the permission of the Complainant.

5.3 If action is taken by as a result of a Decision as referred to under 5.2, the Complainant will be informed in writing about the period within which these measures will be implemented.
5.4 ensures that the measures are implemented within a reasonable timeframe.

5.5 Exceptions The following situations are excluded from the Complaints procedure: • Dissatisfaction with advice from the company doctor and/or expert employed by the company doctor to (partially) resume work (the Complaint is inadmissible). For this, you can request an expert opinion from UWV or a second opinion from us. 

6.         Appeal
6.1 If the Complainant is dissatisfied with the handling of the Complaint, the Complainant can turn to the Disputes Committee for Occupational Health Services in Tilburg. 

7.         Confidentiality
7.1 Each Complaint is treated confidentially by will not give out any information to third parties in connection with the Complaint without permission from the parties involved.

8.         Final provisions
8.1 If a Complainant has more questions regarding the Complaints Regulations, the Complainant can turn to via

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